Regarding Orders

Q.I want to cancel my order after my order has been placed.
  • Sorry, we do not accept cancellation by any reason.
  • We accept exchange only when we shipped wrong item.
  • Q.I don’t know how to place an order
  • Please place the desired item in your shopping cart, register as a user, and then place the order. After user registration please select a payment method and shipping method.
  • Q.Can I order by telephone or FAX?
  • No, you cannot.
  • Q.Can you make our a receipt?
  • No, we cannot.

  • Regarding delivery

    Q.Is it possible to select a delivery company?
  • No, you cannot. We will ship by EMS.
  • Q.Can I designate a delivery date?
  • No, you cannot.
  • Q.When will my shipment arrive?
  • 1-2 weeks from Japan depending on the destination.
  • Q.Will I have to pay a tariff when I receive the goods?
  • It might depend on country you live if you have to pay customs duties. If you are asked to do so, it is your responsibility to pay.
  • Q.The area where shipment is possible.
  • You can check the delivery area and delivery time of the product on the Japan Post website.
  • https://www.post.japanpost.jp/index_en.html

  • Regarding payment

    Q.Can I pay using a credit card?
  • Yes, it is. Major cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Q.Can I pay using an international bank remittance?
  • No, we cannot accept.