What is a softdolly mask?

munimuni works calls its in-house kigurumi mask a "soft dolly mask"

What is a kigurumi mask?

Overseas, they are sometimes called Animegao.
This is a next generation 2.5-dimensional cosplay that covers the body with the use of a mask and bodysuit.
It can be use by anyone regardless of age and gender.

why "soft"?

The mask is made of soft vinyl(PVC).
It is the same material as Barbie dolls and other figures.
Because it is reinforced from the back,it is very durable and easy customize.

The masks are $200.Is that expensive or cheap for kigurumi mask?

we're proud to say that our decision to produce masks using PVC results
in a much more reasonable price than fiber reinforced plastic(FRP)masks which often range from $500-1000.
we hope that our lower price point will allow more fans to enjoy kigurumi masks.

what is needed for kigurumi cosplay?

First,choose your favorite mask.
Choose a bodysuit with a similar color to the mask.
Breast pads are also recommended for men.
For beginners, we recommend going with a full set
that includes a fully painted mask and exclusive wig.


How do kigurumi cosplayers see out of the masks?

The anime type uses a special eye lenses that are similar to sunglasses.
Doll type masks have small slits above the eyes.
If a mask is difficult to see out of,it isn`t difficult to enlarge the slits for a better view.
Because the masks naturally have a more narrow field of view, you need to practice
and get used to wearing them at first.Some cosplayers find it helpful to have a friend guide them.

what kind of soft dolly masks are available? What do you recommend?

There are two types of anime-style masks and real-style doll types.
Find your favorite mask!